Monday, 27 March 2017

Got lots of Goodies for you Guys (works in progress)

Update! Currently, there are three works in progress. I am sorry if I keep you guys waiting well past reasonable time for any new releases this year. But, and I always say this, writing is my life. Sometimes I even feel the books and I are one entity. (yeah i am nutty, this has already been established) But I really mean it. I owe YOU the best reading experience I can possibly give. Here are the upcoming books that I hope to share with you creepies before the end of 2017. Love, Shelby.

Within the Darkness (Wisteria#2)

Kirsten and Ally (a LGBT thriller)

ugh, I lost my muse (this one is a poetry)

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Kirsten and Ally were meant for each other They go on a mission to kill Kirsten’s ex-lover They enter one night, the lavish home ...