New Year's Resolution: Be thankful and live in the moment

In group therapy currently at the brampton civic hospital. If you think you are the only one suffering from mental illness think again. I guess I've always known this but I still felt a sense of self titled self pity but today I felt differently. I am always thinking about how much my life sucks and how much I wish I had this and that. Even with my book. I have always felt a sense of desperation that if it doesnt bring me fortune and admiration my life would no longer be wort...h living. Well from this day on I am telling that side of myself to shut up because I have a life that so many less fortunate could only dream of. Yes I am different, yes I am weird and its hard to fit in but I am still very much alive and I still have people who is willing to put up with the mess that I sometimes am. I am choking up as I try to put this deep realization into words... I guess what I am trying to say is that for this new year try to live in the moment more. Not the future not the past. Be thankful for people in your life even if the relationship have passed on, just be thankful that it even happened, that in some way your universe and theirs collided and that there were some good memories. Dont wait on riches or a relationship to make you feel complete. YOU are complete right in this very moment because you were made out of love and you are loved by God if by noone else.


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