Happy Holiday! (and trying to recover from my anxiety/writer's block)

Hope you are all doing well this holiday. I hope you didn't stay home alone for Christmas like me stuffing your face with an entire icing cake because you felt too alien and odd to be mixing with humans even if these humans are your family. The holiday is always such a special, fun, festive time... or is it? I guess the lights, the presents (if you get any) can be uplifting and lets not forget those yummy foods that make your best winter body stand out, but sometimes it can be a little bit exhausting and lonesome for the few of us with anxiety and depression. Nothing like some red wine and fruit cake can't cure right? Anyways happy holidays. I hope I can get back to writing soon and will be able to have the following books to the series out in a reasonable time. I have a long way to go before recovering completely from the mental illnesses that plagues me but I am hopeful and cheers to making next year at Christmas much better for those who can relate. Cheers!

Shelby xox


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