Writing is A Binge and Purge Operation (Being Literary-Bulimic Makes You A Good writer)

A bit high right now *.* and this little bit of understanding just popped in my head making me go WOW I haaaaave to blog on this even if it is like gonna take me really long because I am BLASTED.

Of course one of the most repeated writing tips they give you is to read, read, read, and then read some more. Well this is totally true. However--and this is very bad--I find that a lot of people who aspire to be writers don't actually read. Some of these people are my friends (SORRY GUYS) but I am guessing that they can be found in the greater population too. Sometimes I even find myself slacking in the reading department. I blame this on my depression and *coughs* simple laziness. Yes :( I said it! I am lazy! (TRULY working on it currently via everything from hypnotherapy apps to the FOR DUMMIES books.)

Anyway, this is just BAD bad stuff. If you want to be a good writer then you must be a "good" reader. You don't have to be crazy and read, like, 1 book every hour like Miss-Hip-Vegan-Book Blogger over there but, like I "TRY" to do, is give myself no longer than two weeks max to read a book, always starting a new one right after.

When you read something magical takes place in your brain without you even realizing. You are using those literary muscles and maybe you will remember a new word here and there. I always get my best writing session in after a good bout of reading (give me an hour or three). I binge on words and then purge them out after but in my own voice, my own way. Writing is a form of art where you take your stored and inner creativity and make beauty and inspiration, feelings and emotions, using words. For other people it's using paint, but we Writers take pen to paper or our fingertips to the keyboard.

Think about a world with no art, like music, dancing, acting, photography, or WRITING. How would we ever get inspired! Well, sure there is nature which is art in itself (God's art) but it would be a pretty blank world wouldn't it?

Since that isn't the case, take advantage of the art around you (writers read: novels!) Fill up your senses with all the beauty you can get your hands on and your creativity will blossom! I can always defeat a battle of the writer's block by burying myself in some awesome books.

Try it maybe it can help you the same. Happy writing!

-Shelby Lamb


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