Winter is Coming: Writing Through the Winter Blues and Preparation

That time is near, when the days grow shorter and a chill comes in the air. You know it and I know it, summer  trips to the cabin, your hand stretched through the open window, and that feeling of beach sand in your sandals can't last forever.

Writing is already a solitary thing and that alone can make it sometimes depressing. But what will happen now when you aren't able to take your nice long sunny walks, a needed reprieve from the writing desk, and a gloomy blue sky is all you can see outside your window?

Simple, don't get too worried. It's all a matter of looking at things differently and preparing yourself ahead of time for this sweater-wearing time. First thing first, make sure you are always comfortable. Find your favorite, most snuggly blankets and comforters, or at least invest in them $$$.

Something else that delights me in the winter is sitting by a nice set of scented candles. Indeed it's hard missing the aromas of the natural flowers planted in your neighbors' gardens. But these can do the trick for a while. I get mines through Esty.

Another charm I invest in during the winter to help me fight the blues are inspirational mugs. You can also buy these babies on Esty, but first I am gonna warn you that there are so many and that they are soooo beautiful and fun that if you don't be careful you might end up broke like me.

And stack up on vitamin C and D. Since sun sometimes might not be an option, make sure you are taking your needed vitamin D.

When it comes to vitamin D, your body can't tell the difference between you spending the day at the beach or popping a yummy D-vitamin chewable in your mouth. And it's THAT simple, so why not do it?

And you should know why I mentioned vitamin C. This is flu season... Ugh, yeah... And one of the most depressing feelings is having the flu. So TRY to avoid those sugary immune killing things like soda and bon bons and make sure you are gorging on your oranges and vegetables.


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