Trisha Paytas's New Song

I just got through with watching the music video for Trisha Paytas's new song titled "Showtime." Her voice isn't the best and while it is smothered in auto-tune the song's melody and lyrics, and overall message does pull at one's heart string. If you have a soul! People seemed so wrapped up lately in loving to hate on this blond bombshell but seeing this music video and hearing the song, all I can see is a girl who is genuinely in love, in fear of losing that love, and just wants to make a life for herself. Isn't that what everyone wants? Hers, unfortunately, is just on YouTube. I would hashtag this song #thedownsideoffame. It is so true isn't it? And it is not like Trisha is on any A list, but look where her semi fame found her. I at least hope that she is happy with the remaining and new fans she makes, like myself, who gets her, and with the success she has found even on a risky platform.


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