The Vile Creature That is Bethenny Frankel

Once again Bethenny Frankel shows her true colors, lashing out at Luann De Lesseps in the most hurtful ways one can think of. This woman use to be one of my favorite Real Housewives but sad to say that this is no more the case. It absolutely disgusts me, the things that flies out of this woman's mouth and all the unnecessary, completely unwarranted attacks she slams Luann with. If you guys are watching you already know she had called Luann everything in the book from a slut, to a whore, just to name a few of her verbal assaults. The list is so great and it is so late I can't even bother to bring them all up. Just looking at this woman gives me an anxiety attack. You can tell she isn't enjoying life, other than the occasions she gets to tear people down. This monster lost it again completely when De Lesseps called her out on sleeping with a married man (just to defend herself after Bethenny's countless low-blow attacks). And what did the horrible woman say? Well she shrieked at the top of her lungs (and eyed Lu as if she wanted to kill her) "YOU WERE BORN A LIAR AND YOU WILL DIE A LIAR!" LOL I guess this delusional psycho thinks she's God now too just after making her bad-tasting, gag-worthy drinks. Seriously, this is like some catty school girl shit. This woman is a vile, disgusting bully that needs to be stopped. I have to applaud Lu though. What does De Lesseps do while this monster keeps churning out hate? Oh she just stays cool like a countess.

P.S I think part of Luann's strategy here is to actually make the monster come out. If you really watch carefully you will notice she's purposely responding coolly and simply playing Frankel like a fiddle. Yeah girl, you just keep sitting there and pressing those buttons and letting psycho Bethenny act like the fool she is. Good for you!


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