Decluttering and Reorganizing That Crazy Room

Things happen out of plan all the time. That is how life is but I am guilty of adding more disorganization to my life than necessary. Are you as well? I can’t keep my room clean or my notes in check no matter how hard I try. Is there a way to fix this? I need to make a change because it has gotten to the point where I misplace virtually everything. Then there is the notebook problem. I have like hundreds of notebooks, and they were each bought to serve a purpose but now I don’t know which has what info and I keep mixing them up!  Desperate I searched the web for some tips that are easy enough to implement and get going right away! 1) spend 30 minutes each week decluttering and reorganising your room. 2) Use a recycling bin or bag to throw away things that you will no longer need 3) Label each notebook 4) You can use sticky notes as a way to write quick reminders for various things, place them on your wall, and then later add them to the proper notebook! 5) You can donate items you no longer need if you don’t want to just throw them out!

And that’s it!


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