"You are not that pretty"

If you are anywhere near Twitter you would have probably realized by now that one of the most popular hashtags currently running is #FreeKesha. Even celebrities like Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Kelly Clarkson, Lady Gaga, and Demi Lovato are all offering their support for the damsel in distress. So what exactly is going on? Who is telling the truth? Kesha or this Dr. Luke character? There is so much to this puzzling, scandalous story. There is the fact that Kesha swore under oath that Dr. Luke did not rape or "roofied" her. This came after the shocking allegations that he had. But why the change in her story?

"He threatened her and she equivocated because she was under threat. This is a desperate attempt on their part to blame the victim," Kesha's lawyer Mark Geragos told The News.

The sadness resurfaced on Friday when the court denied Kesha release from her contract under the Sony umbrella, whom her alleged abuser produces for. Dr. Luke claims that Kesha's statements against him was all part of a smear compaign aimed at extortion and to control matters concerning her music contract. People are shouting "victim blaming."

Well its fair to say, that no matter the outcome of their ongoing legal battle, Dr. Luke really does not look good from any angle. Just take into consideration all the nasty things that he allegedly told the young singer under his guidance: "You are not that pretty. You are not that talented. You are just lucky to have me." Oh and wait for it:  he also reportedly called the singer "a fat fucking refrigerator." Ugh. What a yucky dude.  

Will we ever know the truth to the story? Who do you believe?

I am definitely #TeamKesha


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