What To Do When You Have The Munchies!

So you know that feeling. You just smoked up, just got baked in the most lovely way... You are drifting off on a cloud and feeling so chill the bills and irritating co-workers just don't concern you any more. But suddenly there is a loud growl and it's not coming from a bear outside, but from YOUR STOMACH!!! And then a feeling hits you, you wanna run to McDonald's, you wanna grab the cell phone and order that large hot box of pizza to wolf down by yourself. You've got "The Munchies." Food never tasted so good. While it could be fun to pig out sometimes, you don't want to make this a habit, or pig out on the wrong foods. Hello unhealthy! And if you're like me you will be just piling on unwanted pounds. And if you are even more like me (who is broke broke broke) you would rather not pig out at all because food can be, well, EXPENSIVE. $$$ With that in mine, here are some tips and tricks, I stick to, and you can use for kicking those munchies to the curb. Hugs and kisses muah xox

  • If you are a wake and baker, go ahead and get that black coffee started and sip sip sip! Coffee is a good appetite suppressant.
  • The brushing your teeth trick--this one can be done any time of day and who doesn't want the bonus of whiter teeth? I usually brush my teeth as soon as I smoke.
  • Have a large supply of fruits and veggies that are washed, chopped and ready to eat! With this tip you can turn your munchies into a really good thing. Here you will be filling yourself up on healthy stuff. And most likely they will be tasting extra yummy to you!
  • Get a large glass of water and take huge gulps
  • Get busy; do things that will keep you occupied. I like to read, check social media, write, and paint my nails, and even clean when I get the urge to pig out. I will still feel chill and relaxed from my herb and focusing on these things takes my attention away from feeling hungry.
  • Nibble on a really large fruit or veggie. A banana, a large apple or pear, or a whole carrot usually does the trick for me.
  • Suck on ice. But remember not to choke on them like I do.
  • Meditate. This one is really fun. While finding your center and just breathing and keeping still, I find that you can almost hypnotise yourself to feel completely full and well and ward off those cravings.     


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