"Oh my God, I have no friends." Is that you? Well no worries my friend. You're in good company. A lot of successful people were loners. Michael Jackson, Beatrix Potter,  J.D Salinger, Issaac Newton, Joe DiMaggio, Emily Dickinson, and even Marilyn Monroe, were all loners and social outcasts in one way or the other. But it sucks doesn't it? Yeah yeah. It get's... well... lonely. But have no fear my friend. You can be your own best friend! And there are a lots of things you can do when you have no friends.

Focus more on you're passions and goals
Have more me time
Save more money!
Relax on the couch and sip tea in peace
Choose what move YOU wanna watch
write a masterpiece
Read, did I say read?
Smoke some weed without sharing your stash
pick your nose in liberation
fart without blushing
Make cool online friends
Find a really quirky, unique craft
Enjoy Nature
Cuddle stuff animals
Read the bible
Draw and colour
Talk to your mama or your papa or your grandma or your grandpa
Learn to love yourself


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